History Vocabulary Lists

List 1 – Quiz on 9/9

  1. climate – the usual weather of a place over time
  2. desert – area with little rainfall
  3. environment – the surroundings in which people, plants and animals live
  4. fault line – the place where the edges of Earth’s plates meet
  5. geography – the study of people, places, and environments on Earth
  6. population – the number of people living in an area
  7. region – an area that has one or more features in common
  8. tectonic plates – huge segments of the surface of the earth
  9. valley – low land between hills or mountains
  10. vegetation – plant life


List 2 – Quiz on 9/23

  1. aqueduct – large channel or pipe that carries water across great distances
  2. conservation – protection of the environment
  3. continent – one of seven large masses of land
  4. equator – imaginary line of latitude around the middle of the earth
  5. hemisphere – half of Earth’s surface
  6. latitude – imaginary line that circles the globe from east to west
  7. longitude – imaginary line that circles the globe from north to south
  8. precipitation – the amount of rain, snow, hail, etc. that has fallen
  9. reservoir – a human made lake for storing large amounts of water
  10. resource – something people use


List 3 – Quiz on 10/7

  1. barter – trade without the use of money
  2. ceremony – a formal act that honors an event or occasion
  3. culture – the way of life of a group of people, including their beliefs, language, food and laws
  4. diversity – difference or variety
  5. migrate – to move from one place to another
  6. plain – flat land
  7. prey – an animal hunted for food
  8. reservation – land set aside for American Indians by the government
  9. tradition – a custom or way of life handed down over many years
  10. tribe – a group of people or large family with the same ancestor or traditions


List 4 – Quiz on 10/21

  1. adobe – brick made of dried clay and straw
  2. agriculture – farming
  3. canyon – a deep narrow valley with steep sides
  4. foothill – a hill at the foot of higher hills or mountains
  5. game – an animal pursued by hunting
  6. hunter-gatherer – a person who collects food by gathering wild plants and hunting wild animals
  7. mineral – a naturally occurring substance, usually taken from the ground
  8. obsidian – a dark natural glass formed by the cooling of lava
  9. religion – people’s belief in and worship of God or gods
  10. silt – small particles of stone and sand left from water


List 5 – Quiz on 11/4

  1. colonize – to settle a region ruled by another country
  2. conquistador – a Spanish conqueror
  3. current – a flow of wind or water
  4. expedition – a journey taken for a specific reason, like exploration
  5. mission – a settlement where people teach a religion
  6. navigate – to make way over or through something, like water
  7. peninsula – a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides
  8. presidio – a Spanish fort
  9. pueblo – a Spanish town or settlement
  10. strait – a narrow channel connecting two large bodies of water


List 6 – Quiz on 12/2

  1. cattle – animals kept on a farm or ranch; like cows, bulls or steers
  2. convert – to change a religion or belief
  3. El Camino Real – “The Royal Road” connecting all the CA missions
  4. export – a product that is sent out of a country to be sold or traded
  5. government – a system that makes and enforces laws in a certain area
  6. import – a product brought from another country to be sold or traded
  7. padre – a Spanish priest
  8. rebel – to go against the way things are
  9. rodeo – the round up of a rancho’s cattle for branding or sale
  10. settler – a person who moves to a new area to live


List 7 – Quiz on 1/6

  1. citizen – a loyal member of a city, state or nation
  2. colonist – a person who lives in a colony
  3. diseno – a map showing the rancho’s borders
  4. independence – freedom from the rule of another country
  5. land grant – a piece of land that is given away by a government
  6. legislature – a group of people who make laws
  7. rancho – a cattle ranch
  8. surrender – to give up to the power of another
  9. tax – money paid to a government
  10. vaquero – a cowhand who works on a rancho


List 8 – Quiz on 1/20

  1. garrison – a military post
  2. Manifest Destiny – the belief that the US should spread across the continent of North America
  3. military – people armed to protect a country
  4. nation – a group with its own territory and government, a country
  5. patriotic – having love for one’s country
  6. republic – a government in which the citizens elect lawmakers and leaders
  7. resist – to fight against
  8. revolt – an uprising against a ruler
  9. territory – an area of land that belongs to a country
  10. treaty – a written agreement between nations to end fighting and follow certain rules


List 9 – Quiz on 2/3

  1. consumer – someone who buys or uses goods or services
  2. entrepreneur – a person who takes a risk to start and run a business
  3. hydraulic – powered by water
  4. immigrant – someone who moves to another country
  5. isthmus – a narrow strip of land that connects two larger areas of land
  6. pioneer – one of the first of a group of people to enter and settle a region
  7. profit – the amount of money earned after expenses have been paid
  8. prospector – a person who explores a region looking for valuable minerals, like gold
  9. route – a course of travel
  10. vigilante – someone who captures and punishes people without respect for rights


List 10 – Quiz on 2/24

  1. civil rights – the rights that all citizens of a country are guaranteed
  2. compromise – an agreement reached by both sides giving in a little
  3. constitution – a written plan for government
  4. convention – a meeting of many people with a common purpose
  5. delegate – someone chosen to represent others
  6. executive – managing, directing and carrying out laws
  7. fugitive – someone who runs away
  8. justice – treating all people fairly and equally under the law
  9. slavery – the practice of buying and selling people who must work without pay
  10. statehood – being a state


List 11 – Quiz on 3/10

  1. communication – sharing information
  2. contract – a legally binding agreement
  3. freight – goods or cargo carried by ship, train, truck or plane
  4. Morse Code – a code of dots and dashes used for sending messages by telegraph
  5. outpost – a settlement on a frontier
  6. Pony Express – mail service across the western US by horseback
  7. stagecoach – a horse-drawn carriage that carries mail and passengers
  8. telegraph – a system for sending messages by electric signals through wires
  9. transcontinental – crossing a continent
  10. transportation – a way of moving people and goods


List 12 – Quiz on 3/31

  1. discrimination – treating people unfairly or differently because they are part of a certain group
  2. engineer – someone who plans and builds machines or structures
  3. era – an important period of history
  4. exclusion – keeping people from entering a place or being included in something
  5. hardship – something that causes pain or loss
  6. investor – a person who puts money into a business in hopes of earning more in the future
  7. merchant – a buyer or seller of goods for profit
  8. ravine – a small narrow valley with steep sides
  9. strike – refusing to work to get higher pay or better conditions
  10. surveyor – one who looks over land to gather information about it


List 13 – Quiz on 4/28

  1. crop – a plant that can be grown and harvested
  2. depression – a period when many people cannot find jobs and businesses fail
  3. drought – a long period with little or no rain
  4. economy – the way people use resources to make, buy and sell goods and services
  5. factory – a building equipped for manufacturing
  6. harvest – gather a crop
  7. irrigation – the use of pipes or canals to bring water to dry land for farming
  8. suffrage – the right to vote
  9. unemployment – the number of people who can’t find a job
  10. veteran – someone who has served in the military


List 14 – Quiz on 6/2

  1. election – the process of voting to choose a person for office
  2. governor – a person chosen to lead a colony or state
  3. industry – all the businesses involved in providing a certain product or service
  4. internet – a communication system that connects computers and networks all over the world
  5. lumber – timber, or wood, sawed into planks and boards
  6. mayor – an official elected to lead a city
  7. public – for the people
  8. reform – an action that makes something better
  9. technology – the use of tools improved by scientific knowledge to do work
  10. tourism – the business of providing goods and services to people on vacation

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